We Have the Best Shower Ever

My husband and I have something like a rainy day fund. We add to it when we can, but we don’t use it for an experience. Instead, we figure out what we want done on our house next, and then we use the money for that. Sometimes, we pick projects that we can do ourselves, but other times we need to hire an expert in something to handle whatever we want done. We had been saving for a while when we finally knew it was time to find a company that does shower replacement in Queens NY.

My husband and I both disliked the bathroom in our bedroom. We used the main bathroom because of the shower in there. The one in our bedroom just had a tub that I had used maybe twice in all the years we have lived here. We are just not the “soak in the tub for hours” kind of people. That doesn’t mean I like to just grab a two minute shower though. I wanted to take the tub out of our master bath and put in a luxury shower. It helps that my husband wants the same thing because he loves to just stand under a hot spray after a long day too.

We did not want just a typical shower. I wanted one where the shower head was not just run of the mill. I wanted to get in the shower and feel like I was under a soft waterfall. I don’t mean the rush of water but rather the amount of water. The shower company we hired was able to design us a shower that we are both completely happy with. We are actually thinking of having them back out to redo our main bathroom shower after getting spoiled with the one in our master bathroom now.