Tips on Looking for a Aesthetics Clinic

One of the most difficult things is to find a aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Not only as a non-local is this hard, but sometimes as someone who has been in Singapore all their lives this is hard. It’s only made harder when trying to figure out which aesthetic clinic is right for you. Well, I am here to help ease any problems you might face.

First of all, when looking for an aesthetic clinic it is best to know what you want and how much you are expecting to pay. Many clinics will charge and arm and a leg for a simple procedure like an injection or filler. Knowing your pay limits will help narrow down the clinics on the list. Also, knowing what you want done will also narrow down the clinics as some do specific procedures and don’t stray too far from those. You can’t go into a clinic specializing in breast augmentations looking to get filler.

Secondly, ask around for recommendations. Even if you don’t know anyone who has had work done, call and ask doctors who do aesthetic procedures. Many of the times, they can tell you someone who is not only good but is also in your price point. Don’t be scared to ask, since how else will you learn? Along with this, don’t be scared to ask about doctors you may have narrowed down. Simply asking “I was told this doctor was really good, have you heard anything about him?” will often lead you to information that you are looking for. Another thing to remember is that looking up information on doctors on the internet is okay. Often times, patients will leave reviews or stories about the work they had done online. When picking a aesthetics clinic, it is best to have all your information!

Last, have someone come with you when you go for consultations. As clients, we sometimes hear/see what we want and don’t realize when a doctor is being unprofessional or pushy. Always have someone come with you that you trust to be unbiased and will tell you if someone is not a good fit. With this tip, make sure that you trust the doctor as well and don’t make a decision on getting something done unless you have thought long and hard about the change you want to make.