This is a Really Beautiful Place

I have been out here for about three weeks now, although I am really just waiting for stuff to happen. The boss wants me here to do the stuff that he does not like doing on his own, in fact we are sort of bribing this guy with a beautiful Latina escort from an escort service in Salt Lake county. I was really surprised that we found her in this part of the world, but I personally went to interview her. I had to make sure that we were getting what we wanted, which is a girl who did not look and act like what we wanted her to act like. She needed to be able to pass for a high society gold digger to be honest. That was the job, she was going to go to some party and act like she was chasing this old geezer, and his money. Apparently the guy was really happy and the next day he sent me an envelope to deliver to her.

The funny thing is that the girl told me that she never touched the guy and wondered if he even liked girls. She had done her part quite well she told me. We had lunch and I got to thinking about teaching her how to sell. I figured that there were plenty of guys that would do anything that she asked them to do if she merely batted her eyelashes at them. I figured that there was a good way to test the theory, so I made a bet with the boss. There was this guy we had never been able to close out on and I sent her to see him. She thought that commission was too low when she got done, apparently he signed the contract after 15 minutes.