Some Considerations when Buying Shower Doors

There are many considerations when buying shower doors in NJ. The basic process starts with obtaining and reviewing a quote for new shower doors. After that, you need to schedule a professional technician to come to your house or business to take measurements. This will allow the manufacturing process to begin and any final adjustments to the quote to be made. The next steps will be for your new shower doors to be built, assembled, and polished. These are the final steps before the technician can come and install your new shower doors.

You are likely to find a wide price range in the quotes you receive for new shower doors. This is because all shower doors are not created equal.

The first area where there may be differences is in the thickness of the glass used in the construction of the shower door. Some companies may use thinner glass, which is less expensive. A thicker shower glass may cost more money, but it will be sturdier. Determining the glass thickness is one of the first choices you will need to make.

Another consideration is the type of glass treatments you want to be applied to your shower doors. For example, you can decide to have a treatment applied to the shower glass that will prevent the glass from displaying a colored tint. You can also apply treatments that will make the shower glass stain resistant and easier to clean. Or, you can decide to have no treatments applied at all. These choices are up to you.

You will also need to decide on the type of shower door hinges that will be used. Some hinges may be less expensive than others but may not be watertight because they cannot be sealed. As with glass thickness, hinges are another area you will need to decide based on cost and desired features.

Buying new shower doors is easy once you understand the process and a few of the fundamental decisions you need to make related to cost and quality tradeoffs.