Renting Storage Space is Cheaper Than Owning a Bigger House

We did the math for our living arrangement. We could afford a certain amount of square feet for a small house. We wanted that a lot more than we wanted to live in a condo or apartment in Singapore. However, we knew we had more stuff than could fit well in the house. We needed a few more square feet of storage. We went to the website to see what it would cost on an annual basis to rent some storage space. We compared the cost with buying a bigger house and property, and what was affordable was actually renting the storage space for our extra stuff.

That works out well for us because we like the little house we wanted to buy back then a whole lot. It has all of the features we wanted, and it is almost the perfect size. Maybe over the next couple of years we can learn to downsize a bit more. The problem is that I have a book collection and my wife has a book collection. We do not want to sell off our collections. At least not yet. That is the main thing that takes up all the space. We put all of our books in plastic bins and stored them at the storage space facility in Singapore that is just down the street from where we live. That way, if we want access to any of the books, we can get to them pretty much any time.

We rented enough storage space in Singapore to also hold our seasonal clothes. This way our closets are not overfilled. We just keep the clothes at the house that we are currently wearing. The other ones are kept in storage until they are needed. We added some plastic bins that hold our seasonal and holiday decorations too. No need to keep all those things at the house, but you do not want to throw them out either.