My Kids Are Interested in the Piano

My kids watch a lot of online streams, and one day they watched a man who was playing various songs on a piano. He would even take song requests from people in the chat room and play them on the fly. My kids were so thrilled by this that they wanted to learn how to play the piano, so they could play any song they wanted. I signed them up for piano lessons for kids in Singapore and bought a piano so they could practice in between lessons.

On the first day of taking lessons, my kids expected to be able to play anything instantly, but they didn’t realize how much work it would take for them to get to the same skill level as the guy who was playing on the stream. They had to learn how to read music, had to remember where the keys were on the piano, and had to learn about the usage of pedals. This was going to be a true test for them. Some people give up on learning an instrument after taking lessons because they don’t like how much work it takes to become good at playing it. This is especially common among young kids, as their interests usually shift a lot.

Surprisingly, my kids stuck with their piano lessons, and got to the point where they could play some simple songs. I was amazed with their finger movement. They weren’t ready to tackle some of the more difficult music numbers that require a lot of fast playing, but they were still doing pretty well. I was tempted to start taking piano lessons after seeing their progress. I figured if they were able to learn in such a short time, then an old man like me could do it as well. I could even become so skilled that they would ask me to play for the queen of England.