My Daughter is Ready for Some Track Records

My daughter loves track and field. She has been active all her life, but she learned discipline when she joined the track team at her high school. She really fell in love with the sport, so she was devastated when she twisted her knee. She was not entirely sure what she did to it, but she knew that she was going to be out of commission for a while. Her coach talked to me that day and suggested that we see a specific chiropractor in Sacramento who treats injuries such as this. Her coach knew she was upset and wanted to see her back as quickly as possible for her own sake as well as the sake of the team.

I contacted the chiropractor that he suggested we see, and her appointment was made just a few days out. She was still able to walk, but she had trouble going at a fast pace or getting down on the floor. The chiropractor checked her knee out and compared it with the other one, then he did some imaging tests to make sure nothing more severe was going on other than a strain.

He told us that people who are older often mention the same symptoms but it is often arthritis in their cases. With my daughter, it was just a severe sprain, and he began treatment on it that same day. She ended up seeing him a few more weeks for that, but she was able to resume some of her track activities within just a week. I am so happy that he was able to help her with her knee problems because I know she would have been heartbroken if she would have had to quit track. As it is, she is ready to set some new records because she is feeling better than ever.