Moving into the Audio Booth

I needed to get a music production diploma after I decided to give up the life of a musician and move behind the scenes into audio and music production. I’m not talking about becoming a music producer, not in the way most people think of that title, but rather someone who physically helps create songs and albums. I spent a lot of years out on the road and making music, but got tired of the lifestyle and wanted to settle down. I knew I was getting older and that having a hit record likely wasn’t going to become a reality at my age.

But I didn’t want to give up on my dream of music. I’ve always loved the profession and just couldn’t see myself managing a bar or doing some other dreary job. Besides, I still had a lot of connections to some pretty powerful people in the industry and I wanted to see if I could reinvent myself as an audio engineer. When I started talking about this idea with my connections, they were pretty happy to help. But they all said the same thing, which was I needed to get some instruction in the field before they would give me a job.

I found a school online that offers courses and a diploma in music production and I applied to get in. I figured I would be a shoo in considering my extensive experience in the industry, and I was. The courses were great because they focused on the stuff you really need to know to get a job in the field. You’re not sitting in some classroom listening to a person who has never done the work talk about doing the work. You’re actually sitting down and learning how to mix recordings and the like. I’m looking forward to my new career.