Looking for a Place Near Padre Island

In effect this place we are looking at is about half an hour from the Mexican border and it is not on the Gulf of Mexico, but on a bay North and West of the Gulf. It is not on the barrier islands and it is not exactly on the coast, but you can walk down to it in about five minutes from the front door. Of course we are worried about big storms, but it seems like it is a really solidly built house. We went to http://choosetexaspower.org and figured out what our power options would be and then we tried to figure out which one of them had the best reputation for reacting when the problems come along. You do not want to be sitting around for a couple of weeks waiting for them to cut your power back on and obviously this is the sort of area where you might not be the top priority in a really big emergency.

This place is out away from every other place and so there are not that many people to lose power. So if there is a big event like a hurricane which knocks out a lot of people’s power they will not focus on an area like this. They will look at in pure mathematical terms. If you and your six neighbors lose power out in the middle of nowhere, then that is a big deal to you and those other guys. In the greater scheme that is not a huge deal. The power companies are going to looking to the places where they put the same amount of work in and get the power back on to a couple hundred people, rather than a couple of dozen people. It is a simple matter of making as many people happy as you can.