I Met This Rather Unusual Girl

Of course you meet a lot of girls who think way too much about the way they look and their physical attributes, it is a symptom of bigger problems in our society. In fact we have elected a man to the highest office in this country who openly judges women on their attractiveness and claims that he could not have wronged certain ladies because they were not attractive enough. Still I thought it weird when this girl wanted to try to use this stuff to enlarge her breasts, if you click here you can see the stuff that she was talking about. In truth I suppose it probably is not going to do a lot of harm and she is young enough where it is quite likely that her breasts will get larger just in the natural course of things. That happens a lot and rubbing some cream on them is not going to have any impact from what I can tell.

In fact I do suppose that there is some way to achieve this, if only because I know that it can be an unwanted effect from certain drugs. This is something that has happened to people taking pills that are supposed to combat certain types of mental illnesses, unfortunately these were overused for things that they had no real application and they had an unwanted side effect. They made breasts grow in young men and boys. That led to a litany of lawsuits, but it sort of proves to me that it should be possible to make breasts bigger. Of course if there was a good way of doing it, then you would have all sorts of over use of the method and very few women would have small breasts if they did not really want them to be small.