I Just Went Skiing in Utah

I went to see my chiropractor in Sacramento about two months ago, because of the same usual problems that I have. We got to talking while he was working on my back and I told him that we were thinking about going to the mountains for skiing. He told me that he owned a place in Utah, in the Paiute mountains. Of course he said that this was a really big place and that most of the people who rented it from him were extended families and large groups of friends. He was not kidding, but when you looked at the place and you thought about how it worked you could see that it could end up being a good deal. The trick was to have a lot of people pitching in to pay for the rent instead of just one family. We figured out that it would not really be too big of a deal to arrange it, since we know a lot of people who like to go skiing.

This place is really huge. There are four master bedrooms, or at least they would be master bedrooms to a normal family like ours. There was one that was bigger and nicer than the others. We got my sister and her family, a guy from Nancy’s office we have known forever and two people from church to go with us. In all it was four couples and eleven kids. They all slept in a big room with bunkbeds and the place turned into a huge riot after we tried to go to sleep every night. Of course after long days on the slopes the kids got to need their sleep a lot more than they did when we started out. I had a great time, but one of the other guys nearly broke his neck.