I Hurt My Back Moving Last Weekend

I was really happy with my new apartment. I had problems with the people in the old complex. They all wanted to get dramatic at about three o clock in the morning while I was trying to get some sleep before I could get up at seven o clock for work. At any rate I ended up having to see a Concord chiropractors when the move was over. The only place that I could find which had what I needed was up on the third floor and this is not the sort of place where they have an elevator. I had been working to make it easier. Every evening I loaded my car up with the stuff which would fit in it. Then on the way home I dropped by the new place and unloaded my car. I got my brother in law to help me, because he had a truck and he would rather have helped me than to have lent me to it. He really loves that truck.

It took us three trips to move all of it. The real problem was the sofa, which is extremely heavy and by the time we got it up those stairs I was really beat. I knew that my back was hurting me, but of course you would expect that. I did not worry about it until a couple of days later, because the pain just did not go away. My back was so stiff that I could hardly move at first. It would loosen up, but the pain remained. Eventually I had to go and see a chiropractor. Now I had no clue about where to find a chiropractor and I did know that you do not want to pick some random clown off of the street to do this sort of thing.