I Have Been Working in Singapore

It has been close to three months since I got over here and I have to admit that I really like a lot of the aspects of life here in Singapore. Now it is true that this is a terribly congested city. If you have to be some place, then you need to get an early start since it might take three times as much time as it should. I have come to appreciate the good tcm in Singapore ( that stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine if you did not know ). At any rate I have really not felt better in a very long time, probably since I was in college. I decided to listen to my new secretary who tried for a month to convince me to see this acupuncturist. I really just figured that I did not have very much to lose in the process. The guy really sorted out the pain in my back. He explained how it worked, but I would have preferred it if he had not told me. That stuff did nothing to enhance my opinion of it.

At any rate this is a different type of place. They do not have the sort of democracy that we have, this is a very ordered society and they have really strict law enforcement. Of course when you think about it there is a good reason for the government to want to have order here. You have a huge number of people crammed together on a small island. If things started to spiral out of control it could get ugly in a huge hurry. At any rate they will bring the wrath of god on you if you do just about anything here. For example if you throw a piece of gum on the ground they punish you severely.