I Have Been Doing Great Lately

I met this girl about eight months ago and at that time I had a girlfriend and she was dating this guy I used to work with. At any rate I barely knew her, but she was really good looking and I was interested. At any rate one day I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with the money I inherited from my great grandfather. It is not much money for some people, but I was looking at a bitcoin trader app and thinking about whether or not that was a good idea. It is a really big thing for me, especially in the future. I simply ran into her when I was going to see a guy about what I should do. My intention was to put the money away, find a way to get a good rate of return and especially try to get out of paying taxes in as far as that could be done legally.

She never told me what she did until much later on, but at once I realized that she knew my girlfriend was not in the picture. I tried to play it cool even though I could see what was going on. I was enjoying it way too much to try to get in her way. Good looking girls do not usually go after guys unless they are movie stars or rock and roll stars. So I was really happy and wondering if it was some sort of prank. At any rate I have been going out with her for about two months now and it looks like it is going to be really serious. In fact it was only recently that I realized that she was somehow the part owner of the place I went to look for a way to protect my inheritance.