I Got Hit by the Wrong Guy

I understand that the insurance company is mostly looking out for their own bottom line, but the same thing can be said of me. Right now I am pretty baffled by how obstinate they are being about settling with me. As far as I can tell the case is pretty open and shut, in fact I am pretty sure that if they were sitting across the table from a Sacramento personal injury attorney, then they would settle the case in no time flat. However I am not that interested in sharing the settlement with anyone else, as I have already stated I am interested in my own bottom line. The fact of the matter is that I am pretty certain that I will not get further ahead by giving a lawyer a big percentage of the settlement. Now I have a lot of bills, I have missed two and a half weeks of work obviously, I spent six days laying in a hospital bed and that is not cheap. Then you have all of the visits to doctors and physical therapists after the fact.

Of course the big hold up is my car, which was hit by another car that may or may not have been stolen. The person who owns the car claims that the guy who was driving it stole it. However no one else seems to believe that, although the other insurance company is pretending that they believe it. Everyone else believes that the owner of the car loaned it to her boyfriend, who turned out to be a two timing gigolo (or whatever they call it these days). Then at some point she found out about the wedding ring he was carrying around in his pocket, that was when they decided that he had stolen her car.