Every Business Needs to Do What It Can to Provide Good Content Online

Previously, I had been pretty slow about doing more about getting my business noticed online. I think my company suffered a bit because of that, but I’m doing a good job of trying to turn that around now. I was told there’s a newer social media site that is fast growing in popularity, and that’s when I learned that I should gain TikTok and get famous as well. This is because you need to make sure that your business looks like it offers interesting video content that people will want to follow on that particular social media site. People look for status, and having a lot of followers conveys status to those who look for it.

I’ve been running a pet store for the past 10 years. One of my employees set up a website for the store about 5 years ago. It was a pretty basic site. The page shared our street address, a basic photo of the front of my store, and it also had some brief info about what the store sells. I didn’t give much thought to how my competitors’ had sites that were much better due to the fact that they enticed customers to visit their stores until some of my own customers complained about how uninviting my own site was.

I started to ask customers what I needed to do to make things better and up-to-date. That is when quite a few people asked if I have a strong social media presence or not. When I explained that I wasn’t on any social media sites, almost everyone told me that I needed to do something about that or get left behind because many other companies have already been on those sites for some time now. I’ve now paid someone to do a professional job for me on all fronts online. My employees are really enjoying being the creators of videos that they upload for me so that our followers can see them on both TikTok and our own webpage, too.