Enough Pills to Last a Year

I was given a trial of Semenax pills from a local salesperson to try at home. I didn’t think they would actually work, but they were pretty good. I procrastinated about getting some more of the pills, like I do with everything else, and eventually, the salesman didn’t come back to his usual spot at the mall. I asked around about the salesman, but apparently he had moved on to another state to sell pills. There weren’t any stores in the area that sold the pills, so I wasn’t sure what to do about getting my hands on some more.

I learned that there was a website where I could order the pills. I tracked it down through some quick searching and placed an order for a year supply of the pills. I always order a year supply of something if I like it enough, so that I will never run out of it. I learned that lesson one time when I ordered a supply of a multivitamin. I only ordered a month supply of the multivitamin, but eventually I ran out, and the store stopped selling the it for some reason. I wasn’t able to get anymore of the multivitamin since that day.

Every time I get ready to have a night with my girlfriend, I always use the pill, even if we don’t have an intimate night. Just like with contraceptives, you never know when you may need them, so it’s a good idea to have some handy. When my girlfriend and I do get intimate, we have a wild, passionate night. She always asks me how I have so much energy when I’m with her, and I tell her it’s my little secret. One day she’ll probably figure out that it’s because of the pills that I’ve been taking.