Eating Healthy Can Be So Hard

I was doing really well on this pay as you go plan for losing weight. I had to take a lot of different vitamins and supplements because the pre packaged food that they were giving me were not good enough. I wanted to go and actually look up a different diet that I could lose weight on but I had to go and see what other people were saying about a lot of different diets. I wanted to find a mobile app development company that could help me develop the ideas that I had after researching different diets online. I found a lot of supposed independent web sites where people were leaving their reviews of different diets, but come to find out, a lot of those companies actually were paying for these websites to exist and make it look like they had nothing to do with the actual website and reviews but they were actually going and paying these people for reviews.

I knew that if I was running into the problem and really researching this problem that a lot of different people would also be wanting to know what the truth was. I knew that if I could really design an app where people could go and literally read real reviews from real people that they may even pay to know. If someone is willing to pay money to lose weight with a specific problem, then I know that they may be willing to pay for things like an app. If I could do all of the research for them by vetting people and actually getting them to trust my app then they may want to pay for the information. Asking people questions is also something that I would like to have, so people can find out about the diets.